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by Theresa Rebeck

 Franz Kafka's undiscovered masterpiece in its Broadway premiere is the hilarious and apropos setting for Theresa Rebeck's exploration of the understudy rehearsal for the production. Stage manager Roxanne finds her professional and personal life colliding when Harry, a journeyman actor and her ex-fiancé, is cast as the understudy to Jake, a mid-tier action star yearning for legitimacy. 


by Kat Sparks

Four women fall from grace at a mega-media news corporation and are banished to the company basement to write an advice column.

THE OTHER PLACE by Sharr White.

Juliana Smithton is a brilliant neuro-scientist who has patented a drug capable of curing one of the worst diseases of all time. While giving a lecture  she spots someone who doesn't belong, triggering thoughts of her past and forcing her to face an event she has long blocked out of her mind. 


by A.R. Gurney

Valentine's Day Gala at the Blanton Museum of Art.  Pulitzer Prize winning play about two people in love, writing letters to each other over decades in an attempt to get it right in the end.


by Leonard Manzella

A prison psychologist forced to counsel mentally ill inmates fights a corrupt institution and is confronted by the very inmates he came to help.

EXIT 27 by Aleks Merilo

A story based on true events regarding the Lost Boys of Utah.  Inspired by the true story of how Warren Jeffs' and the elders of the FLDS evicted pubescent boys to limit competition for underage girls. By trumping up sins the boys' parents were required to dump their sons in the desert, just off Exit 27, or risk their own salvation. Hundreds died over a ten year period.  This is a story based on the true lives of five boys left there to survive. 


by Gina Gionfriddo

A rockstar professor returns 

to her hometown to teach a class and desires her former roommate's life, which once belonged to her.

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