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Auditions for EXIT 27 at the Boyd Vance

October 17, 2015

Southwest Theatre Productions will hold auditions for EXIT 27 on Saturday, October 17th from 11 am to 2 pm at the Boyd Vance Theatre in Austin, Texas. There is one role available. Performances are two weekends in January (22nd-31st).

EXIT 27 is a drama based on true life events surrounding the lost boys of Utah. A Mormon community abandons their teenage boys by taking them to the desert to survive as a way to atone for their sins. This tale is about four of those boys.

ROLE: The OUTSIDER, a teenage female, also Mormon, from a neighboring desert town. Can be 20+ years of age but must be able to pass for 16-17 years of age on stage. If unsure, please let the director make that determination and schedule an audition time regardless. Send your headshot and resume to: with your preferred ten-minute audition time between 11am-2pm. Sides will be provided in our email to you with your timeslot.

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