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Don't miss this exciting I SEE YOU workshop led by Kat Sparks, director and co-founder of Southwest Theatre Productions, at the Carol Hickey Acting Studio. This one-time scene study event shows you how to stop second guessing yourself and take charge of your performance.


Before directing and producing Kat studied acting with Ivana Chubbuck in Los Angeles. She appeared in the recurring role of Patty in The ...Young and the Restless, opposite James Coburn in CEO, in commercials, industrials, and over seventy-five plays. Her stage work has received recognition through several award organizations for directing, and for her cast.

You'll receive your scene ahead of time by email. All scenes will contain a highly pivotal moment to give you a substantial script to work with. You'll learn techniques that free you up to make clever and unexpected choices specific to you. No doubt, after attending this workshop you'll immediately make inspiring, memorable choices that get you noticed.

Seating is limited, order here: ( The price of your ticket includes one private coaching session for your next upcoming (or unexpected!) audition.

PLEASE NOTE, this is an advanced workshop. You must have prior training or acting experience to attend. If you have questions about your experience level feel free to email (

We look forward to seeing you there!


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