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SWTP Annual Playwriting Competition, "RISING ARTISTS" Joined by ATTIC SALT THEATRE COMPANY

Last year, SWTP in Austin, Texas selected 3 winning plays and 3 workshop plays in our first annual playwriting competition, RISING ARTISTS. Two of our final selections were international entries and four were national. Almost immediately several of these winners went on to win additional readings and productions!

We're so proud of these accomplishments and can't wait to see what you bring to us this year.

Some REALLY GREAT NEWS is this year we're joined by another theatre, ATTIC SALT THEATRE COMPANY in Ashville, NC! Once you sign up for our SWTP competition you may also select to enter ATTIC SALT's for a small additional fee.

ATTIC SALT and SWTP will each present a reading festival in the month of May 2020 with winning selections from the competition. SWTP provides a $100 royalty fee to each playwright who receives a reading.

Submission is again $25 per play title. You may enter the SWTP competition exclusively. If you choose to also enter the Attic Salt competition, there is an additional fee of $10.

Go to the SWTP website ( for details.

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