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Southwest Theatre Productions requests reader submissions for CAGES by Leonard Manzella, directed by Kat Sparks. This play is a strong production consideration and will likely be the Southwest Premiere. The playwright will attend this Austin reading.

Cages is inspired by true events. This original work portrays the inequality among inmates incarcerated for heinous crimes in the California prison system. Ages are somewhat flexible.

This reading will be held at Santa Cruz Studio Theater on Sunday, June 26th at 3PM. Details and script will be sent once all readers are confirmed.

Please treat this reading as a substantial audition, as we hope to cast one or more roles from this event.

FARGO – Male. 40 to 50 year old African American man. Charming, antisocial type possessed with an intense sexual appetite.

GORDON – Male. 30 to 40 year old Caucasian. Sadistic sociopath who kills with pleasure.

BRANDON – Male. 35 to 45 year old African American. A manic depressive who covers with humor.

FUERTES – Male. 25 to 35 year old Latino. Schizophrenic, religious.

HENDERSON – Male. 30 to 40 year old African American man. Multiple personalities. Boyish. Killer instinct.

DR. MORRI – Male. 40 to 50 year old Caucasian. A psychologist who once cared but is now tired, angry and cynical.

SALLY – Female. 30 to 35 year old Caucasian. A psychologist in authority. Intelligent and idealistic.

OFFICER CAINE – Male. 40 to 50 year old Caucasian prison guard. Believes his job is to punish those in his custody.

Please submit your headshot and resume to for consideration with CAGES in the subject line and the character name (although you may be asked to read a different role). Thanks!

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